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Quickbooks Convertor

Convert your QFX files to Quickbooks Certified QBO files, free!

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I'm looking to build something new. Any ideas?

Hi! I'm the developer of this website :) and have a favor to ask. I'm a bit bored in life and am looking to build a new side project and/or side-business and was wondering if you had any ideas?

This website has been free since 2014 and will always! be free. But if you had any other problems I could solve, I'd love to hear them!

If you have any ideas, you can either:

What is this?

This is a web app that converts QFX (not OFX) files to QBO files for use in Quickbooks.

I created the website, because I use Quickbooks regularly, but many of the banks I interacted with didn’t support Intuit’s mother fu*#$!c3g proprietary QBO format.

After doing some research, I figured out how easy it was to convert QFX files from a couple blogs link 1 and link 2. I created this website, to help people like me in the same position.

How does it work?

Its simple!

First download a QFX file, not an OFX file, onto your computer.

After you have the QFX file, simply drag-and-drop the file onto the white box above where it says “Drop files here”.

Voilla! The converted QBO file will be saved onto your computer. Its as simple as that.

Note as of now, this web app only works in Google Chrome. Download it today.

Why does my account say AMEX?

That's the expected behavior.

QBOConventor uses AMEX under the hood to enable QBO files to work with Quickbooks. Not the best, but hey.. it's free.

QBO Convertor stopped working with QB 2018

Try clicking the `advanced` checkbox and entering `11162`. Perhaps that will help??

Is my information safe?

Great question!

While its close to impossible to convince you anonymously through text on a website, the answer is yes.

Why? Because your files are converted directly on your computer. They are not transferred online and thus there is no opportunity for spying eyes to grab your information.

For the paranoid amongst you, you can even prove it to yourself with an experiment. Load up the website, then disconnect your computer from the internet (but keep your browser window open). Then convert the file as you normally would. Note

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